Navigation bar too big

The navigation bar on the top and on the side are too big (the icons overlap on the side). Is there a way to change the size?


Do you have the page zoomed? You can check by clicking the dots at the top right, It should be at 100% zoom.


The zoom on my browser is at normal (100%).


Could you right click on the page, click ‘Inspect’, and then resize the page? When you resize, at the top right you will see a pixel value for the size of the page, it would be helpfui to know that.

There isn’t an option to change the size of the toolbar, but the toolbar in your screenshot is displaying far larger than it is supposed to, so something strange is going on.


It’s about 800 x 650

Hmm, that seems normal. How about an incognito window, do you still get the huge toolbar there? Also could try another browser e.g Firefox and see what they look like there. Looking at your screenshot and the resolution, the toolbars are around 2x as large as they are supposed to be on your machine.

Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue…my toolbar is quite large and I cannot access anything below the eraser.

You zoomed the page in honey… try zooming back out

I am having the same exact problem and I need help it’s zoomed in

If your having the same promblem with your work thats zoomed in to much, All you gotta do is

  1. Find the - + Button in the top right corner
  2. Press the - It will zoom out so you can see it more better,
    This is what they look like
    Screenshot 2021-05-04 8.26.49 AM

That only zooms out the page not the navigation. Bar with the text box etc.

Oh we might be having a bigger promblem that I thougt… Mine zooms out everything the text box, the pages, etc…

I will look into it more and let you all know

I had the same issue you did. I changed the Zoom with the - + buttons from the top menu, but only my document changed sizes, not my toolbar. It looked like the top picture:

However, when I clicked the 3 dots from the Chrome browser (just under the x to close the screen), I saw that the zoom was at 250%. This was a shock because I used the keyboard shortcut to Zoom to 100% and it zoomed in Kami to 100% instead of zooming Chrome to 100% as I expected. Therefore, I had a toolbar at 250% and a Kami document at 100%. Try clicking the 3 dots to rezoom instead of using the Kami buttons or the keyboard shortcut.


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hi lol wyysgjdnkdjkdjkdjkdj

You can try use mouse click with CTRL and scoll the mouse :smiley: @HillrunnerXC

My problem is the opposite

Hi there,

I’m Kayla from Kami. What device are you using Kami on?

A Chromebook from Best Buy

Never mind i fixed it