My Kami Story for certification

I am working on getting my Kami for Educators certification. I need to share my Kami story on social media, so here it is:)

Our district starting using Kami this year as a result of distance learning. We recently adopted a new Learning Management System and teachers were struggling with what to give students to do. It was easy to post links and files, but how would students actually “do” something. Our tech director found Kami and set us up for a free trial. As an instructional coach, I was tasked with providing PD for teachers on how to use the features. I quickly taught myself the basics and shared what I know. I have been continually learning more and looking for ways to share the many uses of Kami. The fundamentals course was so helpful in showing me things I never knew before!


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I am also here to get my Kami for Educators certification. Here’s my Kami story share for social media !

We took the plunge into Kami and other extensions back in August during the beginning of the school year. It is really easy to use, and my students and i picked it up very quickly ( only now do i have a chance to take training that i should have done back in August !). The main purpose/advantage of Kami is that it allows me to easily get assignments and materials out to students, and allows them to complete them individually… with comments, notes, etc. I’ll often open the work assignment with Kami while introducing the assignment… and mark it up with discussion details and notes explaining things. I can get a virtually classroom working with just one screen. The payoff is that the students can get their work done neatly and easily… and I can correct without a lot of hassle. Good stuff… i can only imagine the development process for this.

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