My Edits Aren't Saving

So, I was using Kami for an assignment on Google Classroom. For that assignment, I needed to use the drawing tool. I was able to draw and the Kami file was fine for a while. However, when I selected the drawing using the pointer, that’s when I started to have problems. After I had moved the drawing and went back to the drawing tool to draw some more, it still looked like the drawing was selected. I tried refreshing many times but it still looked that way. So I exited out, and went to Google Classroom, and clicked on the PDF, and clicked on Kami, it had still looked like that. I kept on refreshing and exiting and I then found that the Kami file was unresponsive and that it wouldn’t let me edit anymore. I exited out of the Kami, and I went back to the PDF, and clicked on Kami, and saw that most of my edits were gone. I tried refreshing and exiting but it still showed most of what I had drawn gone. It still looks like this. What it looks like in Google Classroom:

What it looks like clicking on Kami:

Wow dang you lost a lot of work eeeeee… Alright I may give you some tips because if you dont turn this bad boy in your gonna have a very bad grade… So this is what I got for ya

But my work isn’t saving! What now?

You might be looking at a different copy of the file. Click Open File > View All. This will show you every copy of the file that you have made. Check each copy to find your work.

I got that from hacks and learns you can always find it on for more information I hope you soon find your answer and get your work handed into the school… Have a great day and talk soon Oh and by the way welcome to community we are glad to have you.

Thank you, but where do I click Open File at? On the Kami?

@ohleish_a8 it is in the Kami app. You need to select the icon that looks like a folder (Open File).
Hope this helps!

If you have another promblems like this you can always the google home page for more answers. I am sorry I didnt understand what you were also talking about. Hope yhefter helped you find your answer.
Have a great day and talk soon