Multiple Issues with Kami

We are experiencing multiple problems with Kami. I have not gotten any response from Support since last week:

Here are the problems thus reported:

“In Schoology Materials under assignments, trying to upload a PDF for students to open with Kami and work on. It allows you to select the pdf in drive, however, it never loads. Stays at the “Getting Ready” screen. Happening across several teacher users I am tried with. Can try with others if you need me too.”

Just as an FYI, the teacher who is helping me specifically
with this says it will work when he is at home but not at school. Not sure
if that changes anything.

Another user reported:

“I did figure out that the problem only happens with Google Docs. Word documents and PDF work fine.”

Has anyone here had these kind of problems, or know someone at Kami who can assist?