More text color options

I wish there were more color options for the text. The text boxes are limited to a few colors whereas the shapes and drawing took has more colors. It would be even better if both had a greater variety like a color picker or a color customizer wheel where there are hundreds of colors to pick from.


I agree on this very much. It would be useful for an assignment where you need to label a lot of things with different colors, but for most colors in the shapes/drawing tools, it could be hard to try and find a text color that matches. Or it would be nice if you just would like more colors for something.

I also seem to remember that a couple years ago, users could have their own custom text color they could use, but that was taken away and limited it to only a few colors. I would love to have the option to have custom text colors again or to just have more text colors in general.


How many colors are there anyway???
I think more colors would be great but I also think not trying to be rude or anything
But to much colors just make my eyes wanna see rainbows… No just kidding
Serious tho I dont like to many colors it bothers me for some reason
have a good day

7 colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) with 4 additional shades for each color. There isn’t even really a pink or a brown.

PINK no pink have blue or yellow