Missing/Moved Annotations and Text

We have had several teachers report issues their students are having using Kami. They are using Lenova Chromebooks. For example, a student tried to open her document which was completed. Only a bit of it was there. A half hour later, it was all there. The alignment, even to work on it, has been off too. The students will be trying to mark it, and where they place the mark isn’t where it goes. Often fixed with turned off Chrome Book and restarting but not always. Some students are having issues with Kami deleting their typing. Sometimes it happens after they are done typing and sometimes it happens while they are typing. Any thoughts on what we are doing wrong?

I have been having a similar problem. This problem seems to only occur for me when I use angle brackets (\langle or \rangle) in my equations.

Hi there, I’m Becky from Kami. This sounds like a very odd issue! I recommend clicking the below link which will update Kami to the newest version, this may be what is causing these glitches. If this does not work please let me know and we can look into this further :slight_smile: