Missing file management & annotations suddenly changing author


I love using Kami, but there’s one area where I find it really difficult/problematic and that’s file management. Basically, where/how annotated PDFs get saved is kind of a mystery, and there’s no clear way to load a list of all previous kami projects and load one up. In other words, why not provide a “virtual folder” (along the lines of google drive or dropbox) where all of your annotated PDFs are listed for easy browsing and loading?

I saw that there’s a save to google drive option, but I’ve had very mixed results using this: basically I saved a file to drive, but then when I loaded it the subsequent day it only loaded the PDF without any of my annotations.

I’ve also been experiencing serious trouble with a PDF I’m collaborating on with two other people: the authors of the comments keep getting changed (e.g. I write a comment, and suddenly the comment is listed as if it were written by one of my collaborators), and at one point my comments weren’t being saved anymore to the original Kami link my colleague sent out, and when I clicked “share” it created a new Kami link (to a version that did include my annotations), and we all had to switch over to working on this new link. This confusion is aggravated by the lack of a clear “file system” view.

Does this feature exists somewhere and I haven’t been able to find it? Right now the two aforementioned issues (document viewing/consistency & random annotation author changes) make Kami great for light annotations by a single person, but for any serious collaboration the danger of losing annotations (or authorship) makes it quite unreliable.

TL;DR: please provide a file management interface as is standard in most web-based (and desktop!) services, where one can save their files to and load them (with the annotations) in the future.


Hi justinsalamon!

Thank you for the feedback. We hope to implement a better file management system in the future.

In the meantime, can you please email hello@kamihq.com? I would like to discuss scheduling a call with you or having you screenshot some of these issues, because you should not be having trouble saving back to Drive or using the Share function.

Hi Marshall,

Thanks for the quick response, OK, I’ll email hello@kamihq.com with whatever information I can provide about these issues.