Locking down my Kami assignment so students can't erase the directions or examples

I’ve created a worksheet and uploaded it to Kami- Drew on it- to show examples.

Many students have been able to delete the problems and directions, and are panicking. How do I lock my worksheet down so that they just work on it?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

This is exactly the help I’m needing. I’ve searched and searched and I can’t figure it out. I created science worksheets in Kami and I want students to be able to work on them without deleting what I created. Help please!

Zach from the support team sent me this:
directions. image

Go to export:
Click on your computer or your google drive
click the center picture with pdf WITH ANNOTATIONS
you can then change the file name right there
choose the amount of pages
and click export.


Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I was so frustrated and had no idea what I was doing wrong. It worked perfectly!

Thanks again,


Once the annotations are flattened, it protects the document, but the annotations disappear? More help please?

I’m a math teacher…what would be considered annotations. I just had a student erase the question accidentally…maybe could have done an “undo”…not sure, but he panicked. Then he was advised that his session expired, so he quit and either couldn’t figure out how to get the document back or simply wasn’t able to…not sure.

What can be done in this case? I have had it happen several times…is this the same fix mentioned above?

When I flatten the annotations, the hot links embedded are no longer accessable. Any other suggestion for locking items?