Large file suddenly not opening

I have a very large (702 MB) PDF file that I’ve been opening and annotating for the last year and a half. I recently upgraded to the paid version and have used the file since the upgrade, but suddenly this week I can no longer open the file. Instead I get a notice that the file needs to be converted. I’ve tried to click the button to convert the file and then I get another pop-up that says this file can not be converted because it’s a pdf.

Anyone know what’s up?

I’m on a PC, Windows 10, using Chrome. No recent updates that I’m aware of.

I’ve rebooted twice. I’ve updated Chrome and made sure all my extensions are up to date.

Hi there,

This sounds like a regression (bug). Could you please send us a link to the file via Google Drive? Please send us an email at and mention you talked to us via the Community.