Kami Typing / Text Box

can yall type on your kami assignments? my whole class cant


I am having this problem too.

Same. I’m guessing that Kami is having an issue. I’ve got 28 kids in my 1st period class. Two could enter text, the rest cannot.

Confirmed. I have at least 4 teachers reporting this within a few minutes of each other.

Kami, please update your https://status.kamihq.com/?utm_source=embed page.
I send that link to teachers and it helps to keep them from emailing me and their principals.

I am having the same issue across my district. I have put a support ticket in.

Only a few students in my class can type. We’ve tried going out and coming back in with no success.

It seems to be up and running again for my students. We had the same issue with several teachers in the building.

hi yall what u doin today

trying to turn in my work on kami for my spanish class

hi how are u guys doin