Kami Teacher Plan

Can someone explain how the teacher plan works?

How do you get students the access?
Does it require students to use an email? (our district blocks all outside emails to students)

Is there a limit on the number of students?

Is there a limit on the number of Google Classrooms you can use?

How is it associated to a Google Classroom?


To get the Kami Teacher Plan, you can click to upgrade here.

Once you have upgraded, we will send you a link that can then be shared with your students by yourself. So long as we are able to contact you via email to send this through. Students will need an email address to sign up, but the only effect of students not being able to receive emails from us is that they won’t get email notifications when collaborating on a document.

There is no limit on Google Classrooms you can use, or students per plan, however, the Kami Teacher Plan is limited to one teacher and their students per plan.

More information on the Kami Teacher Plan here.

Kami is a Google Partner, and GAFE ready. Documents that have been annotated in Kami can be automatically synced back to Google Drive, and assigned/submitted through Google Classroom.

The Kami Teacher Plan offers all of the tools that our highest tier of plan offers. Not only will you be rid of ads, the Kami Teacher Plan also offers:

  • Viewing PDF Documents, Presentation Slides and Images
  • Add Text Tool
  • Highlight Text Tool
  • Underline and Strikethrough Text Tool
  • Freehand Drawing Tool
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Annotation
  • Split and Merge Tool
  • OCR Tool
  • Signing Tool
  • Draw Shapes Tool
  • Insert Image
  • Sharing, and Real-Time Collaboration
  • Runs Offline
  • Works with Google Drive
  • Priority Support

So when the students click on the link to sign up they do not need to verify their email account?

At the end of a “term” or class, does a teacher need to remove access to their students that they no longer have?

What prevents students from sharing the link with the rest of the school?

I bought the Teacher Plan because I want to have control over the sharing options. I opened a pdf with my default, which is Kami. I want to embed the pdf link to use as a resource on a google doc but I don’t want my kids to have access to annotating. When I click the share icon and the sharing options page comes up I cannot not turn off the “anyone with the link can annotate” option. Can I do this?

I know I can send the doc through classroom but I would rather have it embedded on the actual document my kids are working on.

Thanks for your time.

Why on earth does this entry show up in a search for “underline” information?