Kami slowness, lagging, and freezing

Over the past 10 days students have been reporting slowness, lagging, unresponsiveness, and freezing when using Kami. They are unable to complete assignments. Any suggestions on what could be the issue? We have had kids do complete shutdowns of their Chromebooks, clear their cache for all time, and ensure they are connected to the most beneficial wifi they have access to. None of these corrected their issues when using Kami.

Oh, I have that issue as well. Can you please tell me how many devices are on your network at once, when this occurs? Also, please make sure that Kami and your Chromebooks are up-to-date, as pending updates can cause lag on these devices. Kami can be updated by going to https://web.kamihq.com/web/update_app.html. Chrome OS can be updated by clicking the time, then the gear, then “About Chrome OS”, then “Check for Updates”, and if there is an update available, it will download it, and when it is ready, click “Restart” to update.

Hope this helps!