Kami Not Working

I just purchased Kami and it is not working. What can I do to fix it

I am getting an error when signing into kami

  • An unknown error occured while signing in. Please try again
    I keep trying and nothing. Whats going on? it is just me?

Same with my students and I. It takes awhile for the document to appear, and then it says “Offline. Annotations saved locally.”

Same is happening in my school and grading is taking ages…please help!!

Please check this site for updates on Kami’s server and components.

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Thank you! I appreciate the link!

Has not worked all morning. I can get a doc to load and annotate but Kami acts as if I am not connected to internet and I lost all my work. I can not even print. I did a print screen and was able to copy my work on a printed paper then scan in a pdf for my teacher. I have tried reloading several times, different files too. It has to be on Kami’s end. Help please!

I can’t get anything to load. It just get the 504 bad gateway message. Is there a way to activate offline mode, if that’s even possible now?

Kami is not working. It said something about an update and now I cannot open Kami. It is not converting at all. Is this a widespread problem. Prior to this, it was taking an exceptionally long time to convert. So much so, that I had to stop using Kami.

I have the same problem.

As a student I have been going through the same problem lol, I can’t save my work :frowning:

buongiorno anche a me da errore API e non funziona da ieri sera! Da cosa dipende?

Kami has been acting weird lately. My school was having problems with submitting and loading assignments in Kami yesterday, but it got fixed. You just need to be patient and wait. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Can you be more specific on what exactly about Kami that isn’t working? That way, we would be able to help you more on what you should do to fix Kami.

Mee too, It keeps saying it everytime.

Me too, I cannot view students work like I normally can when I assign assignments in Google Classroom. Normally we are in a Google Chat or phone call each with the packet open to the same page, and we use Kami to review problems, normally it has about a 5-10 second lag to auto-save before we can see each other’s work. This week, for some students, I can’t even view there work at all. I had to have them download the packet and send to me as a PDF

Hi i have a probleme i don’t know how to change the language in Kami.


Here because you said the same thing on 2 other pages lol @julien1 ulien1