Kami not sending submissions to Canvas

My students are working on the Kami within Canvas with no problem. When they click submit, however, their submission does not show up in my Canvas gradebook until they resubmit or even unsubmit and then resubmit. Been on the phone with Canvas and they claim it’s Kami’s issue. I get the student’s copy in my Google Drive but I can’t grade it there.

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it would do that to me to but i got an email from my teacher saying to double click submit if they are doing that then i don’t know either

I am having the same issue in one of my 2 Canvas courses. Was this issue ever resolved? I have contacted Kami with no luck hearing back.

I heard back several days after I contacted them and they asked me to take video of the problem happening but offered no advice at all.

For me, I can see that they have submitted it, but when I look at their submission in speed grader it appears as blank. When I look in Drive, I can see their work is completed. Not sure what is going on. Even work that I could see before has now disappeared from speed grader.

I have no idea sorry

If it still shows “SUBMIT” on the students view, then they haven’t submitted it.

When we first started to use Kami, a single click to submit worked fine.

Then it didn’t, and a double click to submit was needed.

That is where I would check first.