Kami not creating copy for one student only

I just assigned my first Kami assignment through Google Classroom today. Every student in all 6 of my courses has their own copy except one student. The Kami extension was added by our IT department so I know the student has it.

They were logged in with the correct email as well. I even tried assigning two more times to just that one student and an attachment still wouldn’t show. When she clicked the “Open with Kami” link it just opened her Google Drive within Kami.

I don’t think it ever made an attachment from the beginning too because there weren’t any in my drive under her name.

Help meeeeee!

@kenzy Did your IT department add the Kami App onto the student’s Chromebook? If not have them follow the instructions here.

Yes, all of our Chromebooks have the extension installed. I double checked their computer as well.

You don’t just want the extension installed. You also want the app.

I just asked our IT and all of them have the extension and app - will double check though!

I wouldn’t think that was the issue if only one student doesn’t have a copy of the work created because I have 100+ students who have everything working fine. I’ll try and report back!

SOLUTION: I had one student with a completely full Google Drive 30.2/30GB full - so Kami could not create a copy of the assignment for that student

@kenzy Great that you found the solution to the problem!

@kenzy The same thing happened to me what i had to do is uninstall the app and the extension and reinstall it and it was working properly.