Kami Missing in Google Classroom

I have two things I am hoping I can get help with in regards to Google Classroom and Kami. I am currently seeing the add Kami assignment in Google Classroom, but when I open Kami outside of Google Classroom I do not see the option to create a Google Classroom assignment like I noticed in a video shared.

I also have a teacher I am working with who set Kami up but can not see the “Add a Kami assignment” in Google Classroom.


Can you please email support@kamihq.com referencing this?

I think this is a paid account thing. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I signed up for the 14 day trial and it has the option to send the classroom the assignment via Kami. However, it won’t automatically open in Kami. The students would still need to open it, click on the three dots on the right to open in a new window, and then the option to Open in Kami would show up above the document.

Instead, I recommend you assign the PDF like you normally would using Google Classroom, setting the option to make duplicate copies for all students. Have the students go to Google Drive INSTEAD of Google Classroom. Have the students set their settings to have PDFs default to Kami. Then have the students find the Google Classroom folder in their drive. Favorite the folder as ‘Math Folder’ or ‘Reading Folder’. Have the students view files in list view because the titles are too long to read. Typically the newest assignment is on top in that folder.

The big plus with a paid account that I have noticed is that there is an option in their Kami viewer to Turn In to the classroom, so they don’t have to go to the Class page to do that. It saves them some steps there. It does nothing for making it easier to open it directly into Kami.

I didn’t notice the mention of having the “Add Kami Assignment” in Google Classroom.

The option does show up for me from the Kami page, but not in the Google Classroom itself as advertised.
This would be redundant though because it won’t open in Kami as I stated before. For the paid account, it does allow them to directly turn in assignments from Kami. If I use Google Classroom to assign a PDF, it no longer gives that option to students. So that is a nice feature.

Hi Steve,

You probably do not see the button from within Classroom because you do not have the Kami extension installed. This is also why your students need to click the three dots to open into Kami from Classroom.

Ok, thanks. I’ll have the kids add that as well.