Kami is offline

Kami is offline and wont let me and several students in my school district to download files.


Same at my place…I have been trying from last 4 hours


Kami is not letting my students see the assignment. It is just saying “error loading document”. Is this the same issue you are having?

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Yes im having the same issue

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Yes. My kids cannot save their annotated files. Says “Offline. Annotations Saved Locally”. And when trying to save manually, it says “Save Failed”. Been trying it for hours.

Same here. I made an account for this forum specifically because of this issue.

Go to Kami Status to see when it’s down or back up. The areas that say API and Operational should both be “green”. API has been red for most of the day for API. Offline lets you work but it doesn’t save to shared drive, it only saves “locally”. Some of you may have gotten blank work back from the kiddos, some have no “turn in” button, or corrections they made are not showing up. Check the status here:


Even worse is Kami did this on purpose:

“To help with server load, we’ve temporarily disabled 1) real time sync of annotations, and 2) automatic saving to Google Drive. Manually saving your changes to Google Drive will continue to work by pressing the “Save Now” or “Turn In” button.“

But, I still love Kami.