Kami is not on all the screen

im using kami on latest chrome on mac os x.

the kami is not catching the whole screen.

what the solution?


I’m having the same issue on windows 10.

I’m having the same problem on chromebook.

ok so i found out it can be cause by the ad blocker. try to disable it.

I tried that, but it did not fix it :frowning: I’m going to remove the extension and reinstall to see if that helps.

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Reinstalling didn’t fix the issue.

Same issue, also on chromebook.
Edit: Disabling ad blocker did not resolve the issue

Also having this issue, @Kami please fix this :frowning:

I have this issue as well. I’m on an Asus chromebook and disabling adblock did not work. @Kami please fix this issue :sob:

I’ve also been having this issue for a few months now. I love Kami and this has been my only issue thus far, so I’d really love to see it resolved. I’m on an ASUS computer running Windows10. I’ve tried disabling my adblocker with no luck as well

@Kami, is there a fix in the works for this?

I am having the same issue with my System, As it does not support this format and shows HP Accelerometer Error..

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Hi guys,

So what you’re seeing here is in that free version of Kami that space to the far right of the page is in fact an ad window, hence why if you have a blank space showing up when you have an adblock turned on, as others have mentioned in this thread. This is part of the reason we are able to keep the basic Kami tools free for use.

Thanks for your understanding!

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I was also getting the same error. I was working around a bit with the Windows 10 Recovery Media center to check where this was originated but nothing comes up.

Check this extension! This will remove the blank area and also center the pages.
kami pdf center pages user style