Kami Extension Disappears

When students login to Google Chrome for the first time and install the Kami extension, it is enabled and appears on the extension bar. However, when students logout of the Chrome browser and go back to login, they are linking the data to sync their account information, but the Kami extension has disappeared from the extension bar and is disabled in the extension manager. This is happening randomly and not to all students in our domain. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you regarding this. Are you able to send us a short clip of this issue so that we can breakdown what’s going wrong there? If you need a tool for that I’d grab Screencasitify (https://www.screencastify.com/).

You might also want to speak to top your network admin to make sure that Kami is in fact on the list of approved Chrome extensions for your school.

This is happening in some computers in my class as well. Kami is in our web store. All students are managed in the correct “Container” by the IT. Just some computers disable to extension after it is used. We can’t figure it out.