Kami dosent work with google drive on mannaged accounts

I cant let my students use there google drive

Hello, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by your post. Are you saying your students can’t use Google Drive with Kami or you’re not able to get Kami working with your students? Whatever the case, you can try looking on help.kamiapp.com if there is an article that may help you resolve the issue.

Also by looking at the title, are you also saying that Kami isn’t working with your students’ school accounts managed and set up with Kami? You should make sure that the Kami extension app has been added onto your students’ school computers and is an allowed app. If the app is allowed and added to your students’ computers, you can try having them uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If none of that helps however, you can always try emailing the Kami support.

I hope you will be able to resolve this issue soon! (And sorry that I’m not much of a help–I’m a student so…)

Your a great help because I would have said the exact same thing… We are students not everybody has the same mind set but I do agree that as people read your post we cant really understand what your trying to ask or say… So next time please let us know some more information about your problem with the online working and also your students… Like @greensw7316 had said I hope you find the answer your looking for with the help.kami.com and talk soon Bye.

Also I just saw this is your first time posting on Kami.app so I would like to just say welcome to Kami community where everyone is nice, and kind and ready to help whenever someones in trouble… bye