Kami Cloud Sync - Unsaved Changes

I am using Kami to annotate lecture slides. Although online, it displays that I am working offline. Also, it displays that there are 118 unsaved changes. Even when I try to export as a pdf with annotations, I just receive the original pdf (unannotated). When I try to open the file in a new tab using Kami, it displays a comment count of zero. How do I fix this problem?

I also had this issue with a student yesterday. We were definitely online but it wasn’t appearing as such and we could not download or print our file with annotations.

Hi cyndaquaza,

We were experiencing server issues at that time.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Did this happen again on Thursday (4/27) or Friday (4/28) by any chance? I had a student report to me that he had annotations on a file and when it opened it the annotations appeared for a brief moment and then disappeared. We weren’t able to recover any changes to the document.

I did not actually see the annotations to myself. It was reported to me by the student.

Hello dcarlton,

We did not have any outages on those dates. You can check the status of Kami using this link:

Can you have the student check the tracked copies of the file, to see if they accidentally created a new copy of the file?

You can check by selecting the Open file button in the top right, which looks like a folder icon. At the bottom of the drop-down menu there will be a header titled Tracked copies that will house any copies of the file that may have been created.


It looks like this is the correct copy. Though it’s interesting, it says that this copy has 13 “comments” on it, but there are no annotations or comments showing up on the document at all.

Any thoughts?

I am experiencing similar issues as well as two of my colleagues. In my case, it says I am offline although I am not. It also seems as though it is not syncing with Kami online. The document remains unchanged in my Google Drive.

This happened this morning as well as to my colleagues last week.