Kami + Canvas + iPad ... Errors

We are getting quite a lot of errors with Kami assignments this morning.

Yesterday and the day before we were not having this problem. We have all the online students setup with iPads and retraining 1000+ students K-12 about how to do it another way is going to be a small nightmare of its own.


After further troubleshooting… If I do not use the Canvas for Students/Teachers app, and I go straight to Chrome, login to Canvas, then I can access the Kami assignments that way.

Both ways were working before today.
Now Kami doesn’t work within the Canvas app. So what changed?

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This isn’t much help, but I am seeing the same problems on our devices.You cannot use the Canvas app on an iPad and access a Kami assignment; you can do everything if you use Canvas on a Chrome browser on an iPad.


Can you verify something for me?

When I try to use Chrome to annotate a Kami assignment on an iPad, I do not get the top part of the Kami tool bar. Which means I can’t submit the annotation.

It works fine in Safari.

If possible, can you try on both browsers and see if you come across the same problem?

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This all started after Ipad was updated from apple 2 days ago.

Having the same problem when opening Kami assignments to grade on my iPad through the Canvas Teacher app. I was able to open the Kami assignments through the Canvas app and write, etc. with no issues. I opened it today on my iPad to get some grading done, and kept getting a similar error message when I was asked to authenticate my Drive account.

I can open Kami assignments everywhere else (laptop, Chrome browser on iPad) with no issues, and I can open non-Kami assignments in the Canvas Teacher app.

I know there was an iPad update recently, as well as a Canvas Teacher app update. Wonder if this created some kind of “perfect storm.”

Has there been any type of official response from Kami support about any of this?

Apple is releasing the iOS 14 update today (Sept 16). I hope this provides a fix and not more problems.

Haven’t heard anything. When I sent my message for help yesterday (9.15) the auto reply said they were trying for 24 h response time…hasn’t happened. It would be nice to know if they are aware of the problem and/or whose issue it is (Kami, iPad, Canvas…?)

buttbutt how are you doing

Did anyone find a resolution? We’re having the same issues here.

Resolution, no.

Workaround, use Safari on iPads.
(Canvas for Students is broken)
(Chrome doesn’t show top Kami menu bar for me, no submit button)

well that looks new well try to fix it