Kami Bugs - Unacceptable for student use

So I’ve been using Kami as a student for the past year or so to take notes at school over top of lecture pdfs. Unfortunately on every odd random page, Kami will not allow me to input text, highlight, or add comments, which as a student when moving at the pace of the teacher can be incredibly frustrating. What is the deal with this?

To make things worse, I have found that Kami has self deleted a number of pages of comments or text that I have input of these slides, this has happened on a few occasions. Has anyone else found this?

As a student, given my experience I really cant accept this as a program to rely on for taking notes. Is this a me thing or is this something Kami is aware of and is addressing these issues? If so, how long till its fixed cause I’m about ready to switch to a different OS with a reliable in class note taker.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Cheers