Kami assignment shows for Teacher, Blank for Student

I have come across this twice now.

More than one teacher has created an assignment. They can open it and see that it is correct.

A few students have had problems. When they open the assignment, it is blank pages (the exact number of pages the assignment would have shown). They can write on the blank pages and submit their work. The teachers open it and it is blank for them with the students annotations on it fully intact.

Anyone else run into this problem?

Canvas + Kami + iPad using Safari.

I would recommend when using an iPad that you should use Google Chrome instead of Safari. If that doesn’t work, keep me updated. Hope this helps!

Chrome was our first choice (once the Canvas for Students app didn’t work with Kami). I don’t know if they have it fixed yet or not, but at one point Chrome was NOT displaying the top menu bar for Kami. This means that students were not able to submit their work, because the Submit button is on that top bar.

Once we saw that was missing, we tried Safari. It was there for Safari and so we went with that and never looked back.

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You can also try checking out

for official device compatibility. Hope this helps!