Kami as Assessment Google Classroom

My school uses google classroom as our LMS and the math department is trying to figure out how to have students complete assessments. We want to assign our part 2 questions (extended response) as kami assignments. But the problem is google classroom allows for students to resubmit the assignment and from what I can tell we can only see when different people changed a kami document and not what they did. Is there any way to see a more detailed annotation history?


Go onto Drive.
Onto your class
you can view it all from there.

Would that allow me to see multiple submissions from students or just the most recent edits? Worried that students will try to claim they had the correct answer originally by editing the document and resubmitting

They cannot re-submit
You will only be able to see what has happened up to when they handed it in

I have tried this and it does not work. Students can simply unsubmit and resubmit with new answers.