Inviting a collaborator

Hi, If I use the PRO PLAN and want to invite a collaborator; does he need an account with STANDARD PLAN or PRO PLAN or can he be a guest without a PLAN?

Hi mankan!

Thanks for reaching out!

I would highly recommend having at least a basic Kami plan for a collaborator.

I say this because of how the collaborator and their annotations will show up.

Imagine you share the document with someone who has a Kami account. This is what it looks like if they have any Kami account.

Imagine you share the document with a third person, who does not have a Kami account. If they do not even sign up, they will show up as a Guest User, which is just a question mark.

It is much easier to keep track of annotations and collaborators if they have a Kami account, so I would highly recommend logging in.

Hope this helps!