Interactive Drag and Drop Activity within Kami

I am trying to share with a student a sorting activity I created in Kami. I added all images with the Add Media tool in Kami. I shared it using the share tool in Kami so the student can edit. However, when we are collaborating, the student cannot drag and drop the objects. I am copying the shared link and pasting it in the Teams chat. We are both clicking on it so we can work in it in Real Time. Am I trying to do something that is not possible or do I not have a setting correct? I know I saw a training video that demonstrated this, but I cannot find it again. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

I dont really know what your promblem is but it looks like your a teacher and im a student so im gonna try my best… Your trying to share lets see what I can find for you today, Ok now that I read your post again you have the student blocked from editing… If you dont understand what that means its when you dont let the students work on your copy of the homework/notes… Heres something that can help you, If the student goes to your work you assigned and it wont let them share… all they need to do is make a copy and add a text its very simple… The next thing you had asked was the video… If you ( the teacher ) go to the homepage you might wanna scroll down and once you do that your gonna see all the works youve done in If the video is not there it means you did not save it or you didnt downlaod the file and video into your chromebook or computer which ever your using… I hope this helps you understand more because I know I just learned something even though im a student I dont have any of these promblems… Have a great day and talk soon also welcome to the community were glad to have you and help your promblems. bye

@Ilovebb2020 The reason why this is happening is because they way Kami works, so when you have a shared/collaborating doc, all edits that you do cannot be edited by anyone else, but you could have them make copies and switch between the main doc and their copy.

@ fish thats true, thanks for helping
Have a great day everyone TTYL bye :slight_smile:

thanks for the awesome information.