Insert Image Using Camera

I would like to see a Camera added to the Insert Image menu for students to take pictures of their work and insert it into the Kami document directly instead of having to go through the extra steps of taking a picture, saving it to their device, then opening the image from the device. This would make it easier for students to complete math problems on paper and insert their work into the Kami document.


I absolutely agree my teacher told us to show our work on algebra but i could because it was on kami and i am distant learner

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You could use the “Picture Comments” function to do that. But, first, you must have a Premium licence first in order to use it.


This would be pretty useful. A couple weeks ago, I had to do this assignment for school and part of the assignment was to include pictures that we took, and it took me awhile to get the pictures off my phone, onto my computer, and get the pictures onto the assignment in Kami.

This would also help in other situations like if you need to show your work for a math assignment, but you prefer to show it on paper, like what @JoLee said.