Incorrect files being shown in a kami page

Hi, I am aaraavaa and today in our maths class I opened our kami PDF to see an “english” document there. The annotation by our teacher were still present but the pdf being displayed was incorrect…

Here are some images,

Thank you.

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@aaraavaa This is most likely a case of not looking at the sent PDF. Did you check with your teacher to see if they meant to send this to a different teacher/class (in case they also teach English)? If not, please do so. Also, please let me know if this is the case by typing “@yhefter” but without the quotes.

Hope this helps!

@yhefter I checked on the Kami page today, and I saw the page was alright somehow! If this may happen again what should i do then?

This is happening in my class as well. My students are opening my ELA document, half of the class is seeing that ELA document but the other class has random documents being uploaded. How do I fix this?! Its 4-5 kids in every class that this is happening too. Other teachers say it is happening in their class as well??

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Has anyone found a solution for this? This just started affecting our district yesterday as well. When opening a Kami document, it will open the incorrect pdf. We use chromebooks and so far have found that wiping the chromebook fixes the issue but it is affecting so many students that it would be very inefficient to do this to every single one.

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@yhefter I am also having this problem as a teacher. I assign a document to my students but when I want to grade it, I see a different document (usually from another Classroom class). It does not do this for every students. I have noticed this happening in the last month.

That is really weird that everyone here is having this issue. This may be an unfixed bug. If it is, we will just have to wait until Kami staff fixes the issue.

Sorry that I was unable to help further.

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Hi there,

Could you please clear your cache and see if that works? Please let me know if you still have this issue and I’ll troubleshoot this further! - Kayla from Kami.

@Kayla @ccale
I already tried that; it doesn’t work.

Temporary solution:
This is what I found yesterday that allows me to see the correct file: I open the document with Kami (it will be the incorrect pdf showing), then I go in the folder icon on the top right and open another student’s work and then come back to the previous student by using the file and the bottom menu (previously openend documents). The correct file will now show up. I’m guessing it’s a bug somewhere that prevents the correct document to show up the first time for certain students.