Inappropriate Ads popping up on student accounts

Students using Kami in math class have inappropriate ads popping up.

I am having the same issue now with content showing up from sex to drugs for middle school students


This looks like you may have malware swapping out the ads. I say that because these ads don’t look like Google ones, as there is no logo in the corner. Let me look into this and get back to you.

Hi! We just had that same problem with a drug ad today. Here what popped on my student screen. My provisor is not happy at all and a teacher made a conplaint to him. image

Whoops, sorry about that, that particular ad went through our filtering system because it was considered in the “market stocks” category. We’ll be blacklisting it and making adjustments.

FYI - the upgraded Schools version doesn’t have ads.

Edit: Blacklisted.

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I have had one or two students mention this as well. We use Chromebooks and have a good filter system, but just maybe they are using phones or home computers??? Would that make a difference?

Hi there! Kami runs an ad-free service for free and premium users. Please advise the students’ parents to scan their at-home devices for malware, or check the safety rating of any other extensions installed in their devices. They may have to uninstall an extension that does not have a good safety rating to find out which one is causing ad pop-ups.

Hello. I am a student who uses kami. Sometimes I get notifications on kami which are sexually inappropriate. I would please like this to stop.

I don’t get these type of messages, maybe because my school runs on premuim.
Also, welcome to kami community.

I dont either get these type of Ads… But the Leader of Kami just posted the information about why the Kami is having inappropraite ads if you didnt see here it is again… I hope everyone helped you through your promblem and have a great day everybody.