I can't submit my work

I haven’t been able to submit any work through kami. I’m not sure what the problem is and wanted to know if anyone else have experienced that problem. Also it’s not my wifi and my google drive is perfectly ok. Could someone help me? The paper is due today.

My teacher told me that you have to click submit twice
other than that I don’t know what to do for you if that doesn’t work (if you are a up close learner) you could tell your teacher (if your a distance learner) or you could email them

Thanks for the help. I refreshed my screen and I was able to submit my work, but it still says that I have unsaved changes.

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if you click submit it will say saving to drive then it will save the changes and t will be go to go if it is a pop up just click OK then submit and I am glad to be of help let me know if you need anything else

i know lol…also i dont need anything else

alright i glad i could help

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