Huion drawing tablet scrolling and drawing at the same time

Exactly what the title says. My drawing tablet is the INSPIROY H1060P. It works fine when I’m at the top of the page and drawing downward. Once it has space to scroll, it scrolls and draws simultaneously.

I’ve tried to:

  • uncheck the check box on “Allow touch scrolling when using a stylus” and reloaded the pdf page.
  • use “Mouse Mode” on the application that supports this Huion tablet which usually fixes drawing on some websites.
    In other pdf editors and in drawing apps it works fine. I’m assuming it has something to do with Kami itself.

Hopefully there’s support soon because this is unusable.

Is your stylus “active”, meaning able to connect to your tablet via Bluetooth or other connection? If it is, check here for troubleshooting. If not, the tablet will need an active stylus to enable touch scrolling

it is a passive stylus and works fine on everything else

it is a passive stylus

Ok, then. For Kami, it needs to be an active stylus. I am sorry to say that this is non-negotiable. Please attempt to buy a Bluetooth stylus for this.

can you please point me to where it says that? there’s nothing on the page you linked that suggests that

“Passive” VS. “Active” Stylus Support

The terms passive and active stylus refer to how the stylus interacts with the device, the key distinction between them is that passive styluses do not use any electronics or connectivity with the device to interact with the touchscreen, they typically use a capacitive tip (usual rubber) so mimic the input of a finger on the screen.

Whereas active styluses typically have some means of connecting to the device by some means (usually via Bluetooth) in addition to the capacitive tip.

Kami will recognize when you are using a capacitive stylus and will prompt you that your Stylus has been detected (see screenshot below) and this will automatically enable touch scrolling; this will let scroll the page with your finger whilst let you draw and otherwise interact with the Kami tools

The following tools to be used free-hand when used with an active stylus:

  • Highlighter/Strikethrough/Underline
  • Drawing tool

Quoted from the Kami HC Link

I’ve read that. There’s nothing that says capacitive/passive stylus does not work. It even says that Kami will recognize when i am using one. Furthermore, I’m using a 3rd party application (the Huion drivers that goes along with the tablet) to use the stylus. I’m assuming it emulates both the stylus and a touchscreen and that is the reason for the incompatibility. But then again, I’ve already disabled touch scrolling so that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Third-party apps/drivers will not work with Kami… Please use another device (with Kami) or app (that specifically states that it works) with the tablet.

Third-party apps/drivers will not work with Kami

Yeah, they do. Wacom, a third-party device, has support(as stated on their blog).

Other tablets should work with Kami and this is the point of my post. Huion is probably the second-largest drawing tablet company other than Wacom. This is not an obscure no-name brand. I’m trying to draw awareness to the fact that these tablets don’t work with Kami. Either that or I’m doing something wrong, which is certainly possible because of the lack of posts surrounding this topic.

Please use another device (with Kami) or app (that specifically states that it works) with the tablet.

I don’t think you know what I’m talking about.

sorry about that.

Where in the blog did you find this?



Sorry that I could not help you further… Please contact Kami Support ( for official support.

Solution: Set a “Press Key” to Left Mouse Button. That will allow it to simulate a left mouse button instead of a drawing pen while that key is held down.

Great that you found the solution! If you have any other questions, feel free to ping me @ yhefter (without the space between the at sign and my username)