How to delete student annotations?

I can delete my own annotations but I can’t delete my students’ annotations. I want to be able to delete or move student annotations.


Agreed. This would be helpful!

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Yes. I just made a similar post about moderation.

I agree with removing student annotations. I have been creating shared PDF’s for my students to show their work and discuss their work with classmates. However, I want to remove some of the annotations that are not relevant or simply students writing on the page to be funny. I need to be able to do this. Why is this not a feature?!

Feature or no feature you cant just add something to because once you do more teachers are gonna complain like kids about how Kamis not working for them or there works missing… Kami is built to help students not make students work dissapear… Not trying to be rude but lets not make it a feature its just gonna ruin kami… So have a great day teachers and talk soon.