How do I stop students from deleting comments and annotations?

Hi! I watched a tutorial on YouTube that was quite helpful. It said that after I annotate and comment, I need to click the save my copy option, but it does not show up in my dropdown menu. What am I missing?

Thank you!

@akasa just click the “save now” button. Hope this helps!


Thank you @yhefter! I did try that and it did not work. The students were still able to delete and move annotations.

Thank you!

@akasa Just make a new copy and share that with your students (make them viewers (in the Google Sharing menu))

@yhefter Thank you! I will give it a try:)

Let me know how that goes!

@yhefter Hello :slight_smile: I tried using the save now button and my participants were still able to remove my annotations. Any other tips to try? Thanks!

Did you make them viewers or editors? Because it is necessary to make them viewers, not editors.
Hope this helps!