How Do I Remove Annotations?

The Shortcut:

To remove annotations in order of recency you simply need to press CTRL + Z

The Click:

Another method that removes annotations in this order is pressing the undo button, which you can find by selecting the Menu button the top right and navigating to Undo.

Please note both the Click and the Shortcut will only remove annotations up until the beginning of the session.

The Manual:

If an annotation is from a previous session, or you wish to be more precise in your deletions, you can manually hover over an annotation or comment.

After a short delay, Kami will bring up a small toolbar, and you will be able to select the X on this to remove the annotation.

Please note removing an annotation will also delete any comments associated with it.

This guide is only for active annotations and does not apply to those that have been exported.


Is there a way to remove all annotations all at once? For instance, if a teacher wants to teach from a math document and then erase everything with a touch of a button so that she can do the same worksheet for her next class, what would be the best way to go about this?


Hi dcarlton,

Currently, there is no way to clear the annotations from a document, except by creating new copy of the file.

To create a new copy, click the Open file button in the top right, which looks like a folder icon. Next, click View all at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

I have asked for this ability as well. As a teacher, I reuse my PDFs each year and want to redo all annotations with my current students. I don’t want to have to make a copy every single year of the same dang file. I don’t understand why this is something that doesn’t exist. Also, I want to be able to delete access for students who are no longer in the class. When is this function going to be added since so many people are in need of it?

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Hi MsGerrell88, thank you for your questions! I’m curious to learn more about your teaching workflow. How many times per day would you need to redo the annotations for a PDF file?

On the topic of deleting access for students, you can now do this via the Kami License Dashboard >> If you don’t have access to this, email us at with a CSV list of the students that you would like to remove and we’d be happy to manage your license for you.

Best wishes,

I agree. I teach multiple sections and I would like to be able to just clear the screen for each class period. instead of making multiple copies. The current methods are not efficient!

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I would also like to request this as a feature. It would be extremely useful.

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This feature would help tremendously.

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I would also like to be able to clear annotations from the entire document at once.

Some documents, such as class notes, I create a copy for each period in my google drive and then use the same file over multiple days so I have a record of exactly what was covered/written in each class.

For other documents, such as homework or classwork, I don’t need to save my annotations for each class and it would be easier to just clear the annotations and reuse the document rather than have multiple copies cluttering cyberspace that I will have to delete later (or more likely I won’t delete so it takes up space that could be used for other things…).

I have found that, if you choose Select > Select Annotations > use your stylus to select the annotations that you want to delete > a toolbar will pop up with Delete as one of the choices > select Delete, and all your selected annotations will be deleted at one time. Voila!

Handy feature to know. No need for multiple documents for each class.


i had a question from a teacher she would like to be able to delete student annotations on copies of her documents. Sometimes she uses one doc for several students and would like to be able to delete annotations that aren’t relevant. Is there a way this can be done?

This was so helpful!! Thank you!!


I’ve been using Kami for about a year now, and I have been checking this forum periodically; are there any plans in place of having a ‘Clear All’ type of button? Thank you.

Heyyyy do you remember me???

I agree with removing student annotations. I have been creating shared PDF’s for my students to show their work and discuss their work with classmates. However, I want to remove some of the annotations that are not relevant or simply students writing on the page to be funny. I need to be able to do this. Why is this not a feature?!

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