How do I change the font size in a text box?

When I create text, I can click on it and see the options bar, and there is an option to change the font size. I can even click this on this option, and a menu showing possible font size choices opens, however when I move my mouse cursor over the menu to select an option then the thing closes. So it is impossible to actually choose an option. Am I doing something wrong or is the menu behaviour just broken?

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Hi bjfar,

It sounds like you are using the font size option from the Tool Bar. This will change the default font size, but will not affect text boxes that have already been made.

To change the font size within a text box, hover over the box and change the font from the popup menu.

Is there any way to change the specific font?

no, ya hmarr ya kalb ya khara ya zagg khara feek haiwan abu kalb