How can i navigate my document?

There are many ways a user can navigate through their document within Kami. Beginning with the shortcut keys we have

  • R - rotates the document 90 degrees
  • Home - Sends user to the first page of document
  • End - Sends user to the final page of document
  • Page up - Scrolls up one page
  • Page Down - Scrolls down one page
  • Arrow keys - these provide stand page turning and scrolling functionality for easy use when the mouse is out of reach

On the left hand side we have a more advanced view where users are able to see thumbnails of all pages, as well as annotations made.

By clicking the highlighted buttons below we see what these thumbnails look like as well as the yellow icon showing the annotations per page:

For the documents that support it there is also an option where you can see a side view of the contents page and jump to each section heading. And finally, on the left hand side is a list of every annotation made as well as its location within the document.

On the right hand side we have some of the more traditional navigation tools from the dropdown menu. With a ‘Go to’ option to instantly go to a specific page as well as options to return to the top and bottom of the document.

This ‘Go To’ functionality is also available by clicking on the page number located in the bottom right corner, giving users all the essentially navigation tools needed for those larger documents.