How can I get the URL for a PDF opened with Kami


For example, when I click on a PDF from Google search results, it opens with the Kami extension in Chrome. But the URL is obscured so that I can’t just copy it to save the link or send it to someone else who doesn’t have Kami. Is there a way to get the original URL of an online document once opened with Kami?

It used to be that the original URL appeared after a prefix for the Chrome extension, but now it is more of a jumble of characters, not the original URL.


I have the same problem, surely there’s a simple solution to this, it would be much appreciated if someone on the Kami team could point it out. Many thanks.


I have the exact same problem. I spent a good amount of time trying to find a solution.

In the end, I had to uninstall Kami. I think Kami is an amazing Chrome Extension; however, I frequently have to copy/paste links to PDF documents for research, yet it appears there is no way to do this as long as Kami is my PDF browser.