How can I get the URL for a PDF opened with Kami

For example, when I click on a PDF from Google search results, it opens with the Kami extension in Chrome. But the URL is obscured so that I can’t just copy it to save the link or send it to someone else who doesn’t have Kami. Is there a way to get the original URL of an online document once opened with Kami?

It used to be that the original URL appeared after a prefix for the Chrome extension, but now it is more of a jumble of characters, not the original URL.


I have the same problem, surely there’s a simple solution to this, it would be much appreciated if someone on the Kami team could point it out. Many thanks.


I have the exact same problem. I spent a good amount of time trying to find a solution.

In the end, I had to uninstall Kami. I think Kami is an amazing Chrome Extension; however, I frequently have to copy/paste links to PDF documents for research, yet it appears there is no way to do this as long as Kami is my PDF browser.

I’d like to bump this, this is the single most challenging issue I have with Kami. I’m a paying user and would rank this as prior number one feature request. I disable Kami in many cases because it’s such a royal pain to retrieve the original URL.

Sorry about not replying to this for … a really long time!

We used to put the original URL into the URL bar as some of you noted, but we removed that a long time ago as it caused some problems - I wasn’t aware that it was causing so much frustration.

We could add a button somewhere to get the original URL - Just not sure where we’d put it where it’d be easy to find.

Jordan - CTO @ Kami

Would also like to see this happen. Thanks for your replies to these requests.

Not sure if this can still be done ? How can I copy the original url of the pdf file ?

How about you guys make it a button?