How Are My Annotations Saved?

When I download the PDF file from Google Drive in various ways – menu, right-click pop-up, URL link – I always receive a PDF with the same hash as the original, and therefore no annotation. Yet Drive reports an annotation as a change in the “Activity” log.

So, where are my changes, in reality? Seems like Drive is merely storing hidden links to an annotations database at Kami. Is this correct?

I annotate a pdf, and in the future upload a newer version of the same pdf, will this syn my annotations?

for example
PDF A has annotations
PDF A rev2 is uploaded.

do my annotations remain or will they be overwritten by the new pdf?

Hi microm3gas,

That depends on what you mean by the “same pdf.” Kami will recognize the exact same PDF, and so your annotations will be loaded on top of it.

If you want to create different copies of the same file within Kami, go to the Open file button in the top right, which looks like a folder.

Next, Select View All at the bottom of the page.

From here, you can manage the copies of the file, and create new copies.

Hi Kami,

if I understand correctly only the annotations are saved to a cloud storage owned by Kami, is this correct? Is there in someway in the background processes a copy made of the customers document which also is saved in the cloud storage of Kami? Is there some form of privacy/security policy that can confirm the answers to the questions?

Thanks in advance.

Gr. Hugo