Grade with Kami

I hope someone can assist with this. One month ago, I lost the "Grade with Kami option from my Google Classroom. I have done everything correct. I create assignment in Kami and when I click on the assignment in Google Classroom i do not get the “Grade with Kami” option.

I can still grade my assignment in Kami, as I go into it manually, however I do not have the ability to simply return it to the students. as I do not have a return option.

I have uninstalled Kami twice and reinstalled but to no avail.

Okay that is the worse thing you could ever do… With promblems like this you never wanna install and outstall Kami. App… Your promblem might be having a large solution but let me see what I can find to help you on this.

Okay so I did find some things and Im gonna give you this link its from the Kami/ help site that I got from someone on here.

Your should be able to find what you need on that and how to return your document to your student.
Have a great day