Google Classroom Freezes or Spins

I had been using the free version of Kami for several weeks. I had a student that recently turned in a PDF and I noticed there was a button to grade using Kami in Google in the Google Classroom Assignment, so I clicked it to see if I liked it, but now it won’t even open the assignment in Kami and it sits and spins only. AND I can’t grade anything that is in a Google doc now because I am assuming its trying to get me to convert it to a PDF. Please advise. I’ve googled but can’t find my solution.

Sorry about the issue. The freezing issue I think is related to some downtime on the Google Classroom APIs that we’re experiencing, but this only happens on the Assignment Creation dialog. Can you send me a video of the rest of the issues? Email please.

A teacher in our district changed her Kami settings from “all sites” to “specific sites” and the issue you are describing was corrected. This definitely needs to be addressed by the developers!

I don’t see where in Kami settings it refers to all sites versus specific sites. When I go to open an assignment in google docs and grade through classroom everything google related crashes.