Google Classroom Assignments Created in Kami Aren't Showing Up For All Students

I have a teacher who is having trouble with Google Classroom assignments created in Kami (see below):

I’m having trouble with all my students accessing the assignments I post when using Kami. I’m getting “No Attachment Assigned” for 2-3 students in each period. Could you please help me problem-solve?

Has anyone seen this or is there a quick fix?

Hi Travis,

Could you please email us at and mention this ticket. Could you please provide me with the teacher’s email address, rough time that error is occurring, and two of the student’s email address that have the problem? Ideally also a screenshot? I know it’s a lot of info, and if you don’t have all of it it’s fine. We just want as much info as possible so that we can figure out what the error is.