Get Sharable Link that includes just me and the student

When I am grading in the Google Classroom window, sometimes the kids turn in images instead of working on the PDF I assign them. I would like them to be able to see my annotations that are on the converted image file that is uploaded to Kami cloud. The sharable Kami link that I can quickly access from the Google Classroom Grading window, is automatically set to “anyone with the link can view.” I would like to be able to click on a Kami sharable link, that includes only me and the student as collaborators. I have been uploading a flattened version of the annotations into the Google Classroom assignment folder, changing permissions to include just me and the student, and then having to put that link into the Google Classroom Grading window comments. This is so much work to keep permissions between just me and the student.

Share it with the student

How do I instantly share it with JUST the student? There is not an option to just share it with the student. The only share setting provided from the quick access share link icon in the menu bar is “anyone with the link”. I want to click the share icon, and have an option to only share it only with the student, not “anyone with the link.” I currently have to download my own copy and create that share option myself, which is a lot of extra clicking.

There is a copy button on the top when you press the share icon

I do not think that you understand what I am asking for. I see the copy button, and I would like the sharing options on that link to not be “ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW”. Since I am grading papers, I do not want that link to be able to be viewed with anyone but my student and myself. I am asking for a feature that does not currently exist. Can I get a link from… that same window… that only my student and myself can see if it gets clicked?

You the link to the student and than it’s only you with your student and your student my speech teacher does it all the time with me

I want my graded papers to be secure between me and my student, and want to maintain student privacy in every way shape or form. If your teacher is fine with sharing graded papers with that kind of link sharing, that is their choice. I did not ask for help in my post, the topic I chose is FEATURE REQUEST. I am glad that you offered a suggestion, but I still would like a feature so that when I copy the share link from the menu in Kami, only my student and I can access the file. Thank you for your suggestions.

Alright will look just calm down everything will be alright I am a student so I dont really know how much I can help you but with kami the students can upload from the computer and download it into classroom and turn it in I do it all the time… If you need any more help just feel free to ask

I do not need help. I posted for a feature request to be able to customize Kami links so sharing permissions are only between me and my student. The links produced by Kami allows anyone to view, and I want the link viewable by just me and my student the way I can do it in Google. For instance, currently if my student sends the Kami Sharable Link with my grading annotations to another student, they are able to view it too. I am not sure why I am being offered help in this post, because I am asking for a feature that does not exist.

Alright plz calm down I understand what you trying to say I was just tying to help like I do with everyone!!!