Free Hand Highlighting

So first off I really enjoy the product as someone who has a very large PDF library. This is a great alternative to what I normally do which is print and take notes but then inevitably lose the notes and have to start from scratch. I absolutely love the auto-sync to google drive.

I have two comments/requests:

#1 I second the several requests for better stylus integration and I think this is really imperative to the functionality of the program.

#2 I would really like to see more of a free-hand highlight feature that is available on other programs (Goodnotes, Drawboard). Its just a much better way to highlight than integrating into the pdf. I wish there was an option to either highlight free-hand over the PDF or to highlight selected text the way it is already set up.


We are looking into optimizing Kami with styluses. Thank you for your patience.

In regard to free draw highlighting, you can use the drawing tool to do this, as you can change transparency.