Force Copy when Sharing

I am sharing a document with students that I want them to annotate and turn back in to me. How can I enable a “force copy” or download so that they are not changing the original for everyone else?

I use it with Google Classroom I upload a PDF to my Google Drive then create an assignment for them and set Classroom to make a copy for each student. I can then go to each student’s copy to check their annotations.


As DRoberts has helpfully pointed out, this depends how you are assigning. If you use Google Classroom, DRoberts’ suggestion is excellent. If not, let me know and I can tell you (the most common alternative is to use a Google Drive sharable link and make sure the editing rights are set to “can view”).

As a district, we use Schoology for our LMS. It has a Google Drive Resource app, but it doesn’t have a simple “assign to each student” option like G-Classroom.

If you use the Resource app, this will be the default setting. This video will explain further: