Font keeps switching to Times New Roman when typing

Hi, I encountered a rather weird bug. I’m a Roboto fan, but my font switches to Times New Roman when I type certain things in some scenarios.

One such scenario is when I type tabs; apparently, the tab’s font is automatically Times New Roman, so if I click on the right of it, the font will become TNR. Strangely, if I type a tab and then continue typing without actually clicking next to it, the font does not change. Also, I can prevent this by highlighting the tab and the text and changing it to a different font (in this case, Roboto).

There is another scenario, but I don’t know exactly how to reproduce it. However, I think it may have something to do with copy-pasting text from the document text (as in the text part of the document, not the textboxes I add). This makes it so that everything I type becomes TNR. I can change the font of the typed text to Roboto, but immediately when I continue typing, every character typed after that continues to become TNR.

I suspect this may have something to do with unsupported characters. When I searched about it, I got results for a Microsoft Word problem, where almost the same thing happened (but, well, in Word). Some websites said it had something to do with using an English (German) keyboard, while others said it had something to do with TNR being a fallback font. However, since I do not use an English (German) input (I use the standard ABC one), I think it might be a problem with the latter since I use Kami primarily for Physics, and it often contains obscure characters that I need to use.

Perhaps, we could work this around by being able to change the default font for Kami? Even if only two fonts are available for the Free plan, I feel like this suggestion would significantly increase the convenience of Kami.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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My problem is reversed - I added a bunch of instructions in Times New Roman to an assignment and when the student turned in the work all of the text boxes were in Roboto.

I don’t know when, but Kami pushed an update which fixes the issue (at least for me) - now, only “Sans Serif” (which is just Roboto) is available for Basic members, so now my font doesn’t switch to Times New Roman because I can’t use it anymore.

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