Fixed: Kami won't annotate in chrome anymore

As of a week ago, I can no longer draw on any pdfs using kami when using the Chrome extension. Essentially, I can make the first annotation, but after that, kami no longer recognizes my stylus or my fingers. This issue seems to resolve itself to a small degree when using Firefox, but the functionality is still reduced, and the quality of the markings are very pixelated. I’ve already contacted support so that they’re aware of the issue, but I wanted to put this out there for any other Kami users who are experiencing similar issues. Try Kami in Firefox instead to regain some functionality.

Also, to support staff, has Google commented on if there’s a potential fix any time in the near future, or is this something we’ll just have to live with for a while?

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Same issue across our organisation. We are now using Microsoft Edge. Is there a fix?

I am having the same issue. My free trial just ended and I am now paying $5 per month for Kami. I thought when I switched to Firefox that all was good, but it’s not. It is definitely better, but I consistently have to refresh the page to get the stylus to start working again. This is very frustrating as I use Kami all the time when tutoring students.

We have this fault as well. We are considering a site license as this is a fantastic resource but as a heavy Google Apps and Chrome based school we cannot whilst these issues occur. we have had issues with the last two updates so is a concern for us.

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Hello everyone,

This is caused by a Google bug which happened when they updated Chrome to the most recent version.

The solution is to either use a non-Chrome browser or downgrade your Chrome to the last version (v66). in regards to Firefox issues, we have not seen other reports of users having issues with this but we are looking into it now @msdowns. We have not been given a timetable from Google on when they will fix it. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi Jordan,
Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate you looking into it

 For anyone who happens upon this thread, version is 67.0.3396.99 as of 07.17.