Feature to move student annotations/media in Canvas Assignment LTI

When students drag and drop or insert pictures of their work, they often don’t put them in the correct order. I would like the feature to move/adjust their images/annotations if needed. Especially for my kids who are modified/younger.

Hi there,

There is a way that you can do this! What you’ll need to do is load your PDF into Kami and create a sharing link. You can then send this link to your students, and they can fill in the document with their annotations. After everyone has completed this, you can download this file to your Google Drive, creating a new copy, and this will make you the new owner of all the annotations. Once you re-open this newly saved file from Google Drive you can then make changes and move the notes around as you see fit. Please let me know if you have any further questions! - Kayla from Kami

Hi Kayla!

Because I am using Kami specifically in Canvas - as a LTI integrated feature - I’m not sure if that would work. (Sorry I should have specified in the original post - I apologize.)

When students have their own Kami generated, I am not sure if I can upload another version of the document for them?

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature with Canvas yet, however, I will pass this on to our engineers for future potential product development! - Kayla from Kami