Failed to Unsubmit File

We have students have submitted a KAMI assignment in Canvas and they need unsubmit to edit it and work on it and the resubmit in Canvas but they are getting an error message that says “failed to resubmit” when they click the UNSUBMIT button. Any ideas?

Hi! I’m very new to Kami and I’m having the exact same issue with some of my students but it happens randomly. Sometimes the assignments submit and unsubmit just fine and other times it says fail to unsubmit. I’ve also had the issue when I go to check their work where sometimes I’m able to mark on their papers and other times it prompts me to make a copy and won’t let me edit. Any help would be appreciated.

We narrowed it down to ownership of the document. We were using Canvas Blueprint courses and have some assignments pushed that way. We have asked students to shared their KAMI folder (the one that gets created in their G Drive) with their teacher and that seems to be helping the issue.