Expecting another account?

I’m an analyst for a large school district. We’ve been receiving support tickets from a handful if teachers experiencing an issue where they are handing out a Kami assignment in Google Classroom, the students are completing it, and turning it in in Google Classroom. The teacher (Macbook) and student (Chromebook bound to our Google Domain) both have the Kami extension installed. When the teacher begins reviewing the work, there are a few students in the class whose work is un-viewable. The following error is presented:

I can verify that I am also receiving this error when attempting to view their assignments. This work was all completed by teachers and students within the same Google domain.

We are trying to figure out how the permissions on the file might have been different for a few students. What could they have done that would NOT have shared it with the teacher correctly inside of Google Classroom?

Any ideas?

It may be that your students need to use the Kami share link for teachers to view their work.